!!The Academia Europaea Burgen Scholarships 
The ‘__Burgen Scholarships__’, are named in
honour of the founding President – Professor
Arnold Burgen.
\\ \\
They provide recognition to younger
European scholars, at the post-doctoral
level, who are emerging talents and
possible potential future leaders in their
fields. Recipients usually do not yet have an
established position.
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The nomination of candidates is a task that
is given to the members of the Academia
resident in the country that is hosting the
annual meeting.
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Up to ten scholars are identified for the award each year by the local organising group for the annual conference. The awards cover the costs of attendance and participation in the Annual Conference (travel,
accommodation and registration fees) and book prizes, poster presentations and certificate. 
\\ \\
The Burgen Scholarship award is marked by a citation and presentation of a certificate
to the successful candidates, and a non monetary prize.
\\ \\
The local committee of Academia members, who are responsible for the organisation
of the Annual Conference, make the final selection of the list of Burgen scholars
from amongst those nominated by their fellow national members of the Academia Europaea.
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