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The Graz Information Centre hosts the corporate web site of Academia Europaea at [http://www.ae-info.org].
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The Graz Information Centre is located in the second largest city of Austria and was founded in 2010 in an effort to increase the visibility of the Academy and its members. The establishment of the Centre was made possible by a joint agreement between Academia Europaea and Graz University of Technology.  The Graz Information Centre operates the official corporate web site of Academia Europaea and is the main source of information about about activities and events (co)sponsored, supported or endorsed by Academia Europaea. The site also publishes press releases and European research policy statements and science advice issued by Academia Europaea. Furthermore, the site presents its members and their achievements, as well as the individual sections of the Academy and offers a platform for communication for Academia Europaea members. 
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The office is also responsible for membership administration and registration and the development and application of the nomination system.
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ISDS, Graz University of Technology\\
Inffeldgasse 16c [{GoogleMap location='Inffeldgasse 16c, Graz' zoom='15'}]\\
A-8010 Graz /Austria\\
Tel: +43 (0)316-8735635
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__[Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Leitner|Acad_Main/Graz_Information_Center/Graz_staff]__ ''Technical Director''\\
Contact regarding technical issues concerning the Academia Europaea Graz Information Centre site\\ at [http://www.ae-info.org/|http://www.ae-info.org].\\
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__[Cand.mag. Dana Kaiser|Acad_Main/Graz_Information_Center/Graz_staff]__ ''Administrator''\\
Contact concerning contents of the Academia Europaea Graz Information Centre site\\ at [http://www.ae-info.org/|http://www.ae-info.org].\\
Contact regarding membership, changes of member contact details and [nomination procedure|Acad_Main/Nominations].\\
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__[Dipl.-Ing. Robert  Hoffmann|Acad_Main/Graz_Information_Center/Graz_staff]__ ''Technical Staff''
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__[Dr. Hermann Maurer|User/Maurer_Hermann]__ ''Scientific Advisor''\\
Contact concerning structure and general issues of the Academia Europaea Graz Information Centre\\

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