Aspects of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology#

I believe that "for a large section as Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, which covers all interesting biology, writing a summary that does justice to the section is impossible" writes Piet Borst, and offers the following answer to the question:

What is Biochemistry and Molecular Biology?#

"The members of the section for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology study the chemical processes in living organisms. They study the simplest infectious agents, - prions, viruses, bacteria -, and the most complex animals and plants. They study properties of isolated chemical compounds from living organisms, such as the properties of DNA or membrane lipids; they study biochemical reactions in cultured cells and in micro-organisms; and they study molecules and chemical reactions in intact animals and plants. They study the chemical basis of diseases of plants and animals.

Major research areas in the section are: the study of genes and how the action of genes is controlled; the study of gene defects and how these lead to inborn errors of metabolism, or cancer; the study of energy conversion in cells, how plants convert the energy of sunlight into chemical compounds used for making new plant cells; how living organisms make all chemical substances required for their survival, growth and reproduction.

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