!!Academia Europaea Turing Awardees 
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__Note: The Turing award is probably the most prestigious award in Informatics. Since its origins are in the US, it is a particularly rare honour that the award is given to European scientist.__ \\ \\
For more information please visit: [The A.M. Turing Award|http://amturing.acm.org]
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*Turing Award 1976: [Dana Scott|User/Scott_Dana]

*Turing Award 1980: [Charles Hoare|User/Hoare_Charles]

*Turing Award 1991: [Robin Milner|User/Milner_Robin/CV] † 2010

*Turing Award 1996: [Amir Pnueli|Acad_Main/Obituary_Pnueli] † 2009 

*Turing Award 2002: [Adi Shamir|User/Shamir_Adi]

*Turing Award 2007: [Jozef Sifakis|User/Sifakis_Joseph]

*Turing Award 2010: [Leslie Valiant|Member/Valiant_Leslie]