!!Gain of Function: experimental applications relating to potentially pandemic pathogens
!EASAC - European Academies' Science Advisory Council 
!Palace of the Academies, Brussels
!21 October, 2015 12:00-14:30

A discussion on modification of the influenza virus and recent related research, including risk-benefit analysis, considerations of scientific responsibility, research review and management systems, biosafety and biosecurity advisory bodies, publication of sensitive information, and public engagement.
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*12:00 Sandwich lunch available
*12:30 Introduction to EASAC and the study (Professor Volker ter Meulen, Chair of the EASAC working group on Gain of Function and Past President of EASAC)
*12:40 Key messages from the EASAC study (Professor Sir John Skehel, Francis Crick Institute, UK)
*13:00 Response to the EASAC study from the European Commission (Dr Ruxandra Draghia-Akli, Health Directorate, DG Research and Innovation)
*13:20  Commentary from a US perspective (Professor Ronald Atlas, University of Louisville)

*13:40 Panel Discussion:\\(moderated by Professor Volker ter Meulen)

*Professor Simon Wain-Hobson (Institut Pasteur)
*Professor André Knotternus  (WRR - Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy)
*Dr. Mike Skinner (Imperial College London)
*Professor Mike Catchpole (ECDC - European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control)

*14:00 Open discussion with audience
*14:30 Close of event and coffee
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Palace of the Academies\\
1 Hertogsstraat\\
Brussels, 1000
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