!!Meeting of regional Members of Academia Europaea  
The meeting of regional Members of Academia Europaea was held on the __19th of March 2015 __in __Wrocław__.
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The aim of this meeting was to discuss the future of Academia Europaea and its further activities. The main point of the agenda was the official signing of the agreement between the city of Wrocław, represented by the Vice President __Adam Grehl__, and Academia Europaea, represented by the President of AE [Sierd Cloetingh|User/Cloetingh_Sierd].
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[{Image src='DSC_0404.JPG' caption='[Tadeusz Luty|User/Luty_Tadeusz]' width='600' alt='Regional meeting'}]\\
[{Image src='DSC_0406.JPG' caption='[Tadeusz Luty|User/Luty_Tadeusz], Adam Grehl, [Sierd Cloetingh|User/Cloetingh_Sierd], [Bonifacas Stundžia|User/Stundžia_Bonifacas]' width='600' alt='Regional meeting'}]\\
[{Image src='DSC_0409j.jpg' caption='Lynn Kamerlin' width='600' alt='Regional meeting'}]