!!Academia Europaea Annual Activity Reports and Annual Accounts 

*[Academia Europaea 2019 Trustees activity report|Consolidated_2019_AE_Trustees report_compressed.pdf]
*[Audited Annual Report and Accounts 2019|AE-Updated_Signed_2019_Accts.pdf]
*[Graphical summary of 2019 income and (non-restricted) expenditures|Graphical summary of 2019 income and (non- restricted) expenditures.pdf]

*[Academia Europaea 2018 Trustees activity report|AE_trustees_report_2018_consolidated.pdf]
*[Audited Annual Report and Accounts 2018|AE_2018_Audited Accounts.pdf]

*[Academia Europaea 2017 Trustees (activity) report (including Hub reports)|Academia Europaea 2017 Trustees (activity) report (with HUB REPORTS) -  (FIN).pdf]
*[Audited Annual Report and Accounts 2017|2017 audited accounts (FIN) signed.pdf]

*[Consolidated annual trustee (activity) report 2016|DOCUMENT 5.1  - 2016 Trustees (activity) report  FIN.pdf]
*[Audited Annual Report and Accounts 2016|2016 accounts - signed25052017.pdf]

*[Consolidated annual activities report 2015|Annrep 2015 activities report  FIN (signed).pdf]
*[Audited Annual Report and Accounts 2015|AE accounts 2015 signed28072016.pdf]

*[Consolidated annual activities report 2014|Annrep 2014 activities report signed  (FIN).pdf]
*[Audited Annual Report and Accounts 2014|Audited accounts (signed) for 201421072015.pdf]

*[Consolidated annual activities report 2013|Annrep 2013 activities report(signed and final).pdf]
*[Audited Annual Report and Accounts 2013|ACADEMIA EUROPAEA Audited Accounts  2013 (FIN) signed.pdf]

*[Consolidated annual activities report 2012|Annrep Apr 2012 - Dec 2012 audited and signed activities report (FIN).pdf]
*[Audited Annual Report and Accounts 2012|ACCOUNTS (Audited and signed) April 2012 - December 2012 2013 audited and signed.pdf]