!!Personal Views and Reports

__The Earth&Cosmic Sciences Section is compiling here reports and essays from members__\\

![Giuliano Panza:|User/Panza_Giuliano]

M7.0 [Earthquake strikes Haiti|Acad_Main/Sections/Earth_cosmic_sciences/Personal_Reports/Haiti_Quake]. 4:53 p.m.; 12 January, 2010 \\ 

[China Earthquake (Eastern Sichuan)|Acad_Main/Sections/Earth_cosmic_sciences/Personal_Reports/Ch1] of 2:28 p.m.; 12 May, 2008 \\

[A seismological and engineering perspective on the 2016 Central Italy earthquakes|Panza_Guiliano_seismologicalal_and_engineering_perspective.pdf], ''Int. J. Earthquake and Impact Engineering'', 2017

[Time-dependent neo-deterministic seismic hazard scenarios: Preliminary report on the M6.2 Central Italy earthquake, 24th August 2016|Panza_Guiliano_AmatriceNCGT.pdf] 
\\ \\
![Helmut Moritz:|User/Moritz_Helmut] 
[Great Mathematicians and the Geosciences: From Leibniz and Newton to Einstein and Hilbert|Leibniz_new.pdf]
\\ \\
! [Doglioni, C. |User/Doglioni_Carlo]. & [Cuffaro, M. |http://tetide.geo.uniroma1.it/dst/grafica_nuova/bacheca/Dottorandi/Cuffaro/cuffaro_home.html]  2006. The hotspot reference frame and the westward drift of the lithosphere.
A beautiful [Webpresentation! |http://www.mantleplumes.org/Hotspots.html]
\\ \\
![John Woods|User/Woods_John]
His Nobel prize speech on ["Linking science and government for climate research and policy"|User/Woods_John/Highlight/woods_john_IPCC AND ALL THAT.pdf]

!!Past activities

!Interdisciplinary Conference on Earth&Cosmic Sciences and Informatics
Held in Graz /Austria August 30, 2010 - September 1, 2010. \\ 
Program and reports [including pictures and videos here|Acad_Main/Sections/Informatics/Informatics_and_Activities]