!!!Jeremy Jackson: Imagining the Oceans in 2025 


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 __Rachel Carson asks 3 questions about human impacts on the environment in her book.__\\ 

1. What is happening now that is new, different, and scary?\\

2. What will happen if we do not change our ways?\\

3. What can we do differently to avoid the harmful consequences?\\ \\

__Nearly half a century later the questions haven’t changed and the answers are even scarier.__\\ \\ 

! So what is new, different, and scary in the oceans?

We will deal with the following three aspects/questions in what follows in this order:\\ \\

__1. Overfishing__\\ \\

__2. Pollution __\\
	--- has introduced species\\
	--- is poisoning food webs\\
	--- has lead to the dramatic "rise of slime"\\ \\

__3.  Climate change__\\
--- warming and acidification due to the rise of carbon dioxide\\ \\

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