!!Tbilisi Knowledge Hub Events

*Workshop for the presentation of the project [Gelati Academy – the Medieval Center for Science and Education Amidst Eastern and Western Christianity|Acad_Main/Tbilisi_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Gelati Academy]\\Telavi, Georgia, October 3-4 2020 

*[MICROBES AND THEIR VIRUSES: ECOLOGY, DIVERSITY, APPLICATIONS|Acad_Main/Tbilisi_Knowledge_Hub_Events/MICROBES AND THEIR VIRUSES]\\Centenary of Microbiology Research in Georgia\\Tbilisi, Georgia, September 22-27, 2019\\

*[Functions of Neuroglia|Acad_Main/Tbilisi_Knowledge_Hub_Events/Functions of Neuroglia]. International conference “Functions of Neuroglia” in commemoration of Alexander Roitbak’s centenary birthday\\Tbilisi, Georgia, 26-28 September 2019