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!!Media as Public Good and a Lever of Sustainability
__Wrocław, Poland\\
12-13 December, 2018__\\
The conference will be broadcasted on the [conference website|http://acadeuro.wroclaw.pl/event/film-media-and-visual-studies-section-meeting-in-wroclaw] during the event 14:00-19:30, on 12 December, 2018.
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The conference is a joint event organized by Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub together with the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication of the University of Wrocław and the Film, Media and Visual Studies Section of Academia Europaea.

![Conference website|http://acadeuro.wroclaw.pl/event/film-media-and-visual-studies-section-meeting-in-wroclaw]

!Conference rationale

At a time when fake news, data fraud and trolls take up public attention, it is important to hold on to media and communication scholarship for provision of a balanced, and well-documented, understanding of media practices. It is well-known that complex constellations of media practices act as catalysts of coherence, coordination and interaction both for individuals, groups and larger societal networks. But how do these mediated practices foster cultures of communication that serve as enablers of sustainability? How does mediated sustainability play out at individual, group and wider networked levels? Which are the constraints of current media cultures for the development of sustainability? Can we draw on particular European traditions when developing media as practices of public good? This high-level conference will address these questions and illuminate their answers by insights drawn from cutting-edge research.

“''Sustainability is gaining momentum as a global issue across scientific fields, policy domains and knowledge interests. Join us for a webinar 12 December 2018 highlighting how mediated cultures of communication serve as enablers and constraints of sustainability and public good. The Film, Media and Visual Studies Section of Academia Europaea, the AE Wroclaw Knowledge Hub and the Institute of Journalism and Social Communication of the University of Wrocław co-host the webinar as part of a highlevel conference featuring distinguished keynote speakers.''”
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[Prof. Kirsten Drotner|Member/Drotner_Kirsten]\\
Film, Media and Visual Studies Section Chair 
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