Incorporating a link in a comment is easy, see here. If you want to create a link on one of your pages or in the forums area, you have to click at the "Edit" button and then inseret a link "as usual", i.e.:

To create a comment you only have to know the URL you want to link to. Suppose you want to link to (the main page of the HQ of Academia Europaea), then you type: Opening square bracket, any name you want to give to the link---if you want to name the link "Headquarter" it would be "Headquarter"---, then a vertical stroke, then the URL, in our case, and then a closing bracket. That' it!

I have typed Opening square bracket, then Headquarter, then a vertical stroke, then the URL and then a closing bracket in what follows, hence you can see a link here to the home page of HQ Headquarter .

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