What is a blog?#

A blog is nothing but a list of contributions, where the titles of contributions are arranged so that the title of the newest contribution is on the top.

Once you have selected a blog you are interested in, you can enter a new contribution or comment an existing one as described here.

For convenience sake, the explanation that you get when you click at above link is repeated below:

If you just want to read, you do not have to log in. Otherwise, log in with your username and your password. (Use the login button visible in right upper part of page; if you have forgotten how to log in read this)

When you are logged in, to write a new contribution click at "Create a new page". Then type a short title. Do not use special characters except hyphen - and blank, or better underscore instead of blank. Then click OK. Now you will see an empty page. Just enter any text. When you are finished typing, just click at the button "Save". That's it, the title of your contribution is now automatically inserted as first item in the list of contributions on this page.

(You may input more than just plain text, e.g. by using the small editor visible, like clicking at the paragraph symbol shown, or marking some text with your cursor and clicking at B to make it bold, etc. If you want to do upload a picture, click at the "Upload" button, choose the picture from your harddisk or USB stick, and click "Upload" again; you may add some text between the two single quotes after the "caption" or you can just add it after the code that was generated.)

If you want to comment a contribution, when you see the contribution, just click at the button "Comment", type your comment in the now appearing empty space, and click at "Save". Your comment is now visible, and notification that a comment has been made is sent to the owner of the document you have commented. Also, your comment is entered into the Blog of Comments. Try it out!

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