Founding Visions#

Invitation to Dialogue: the first 20 years of the Academia Europaea: interviews with the founding members. This is the first of a number of such structured interviews. It is part of a project that explores the extent to which the Academy of Europe has met with the original founders' perceptions of what the Academy was set up to do. It will be used to inform future development plans for the Academy.
A project funded by the AE new initiatives fund and lead by Prof. Anne Buttimer (University College Dublin). Summary

Interviews with individual founding members: #

Prof David Spearman (IRL)

Prof. Sir Arnold Burgen (UK)

Prof. Baron Flowers (UK) (Written article)

Prof. David Magnusson (SWE)

Prof. Dan Brändström (SWE)

Prof. Eugen Seibold (Written article)

Prof. Stig Strömholm (SWE)

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