Recent publications by members of Class A2 - Social and Related Sciences#

Global Consequences of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine: The Economics and Politics of the Second Cold War#

A publication by Professor Grzegorz W. Kołodko, member of the Economics, Business and Management Sciences section of Academia Europaea.

The book highlights the geopolitical and economic consequences of the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and offers a deep reflection on the storm exploding in so many places over the world with likely tremendous consequences for the world and in particular globalisation and the world economy.

Year of publication: 2023.

Higher Education Research – What Else?
The Story of a Lifetime#

In Conversations with Anna Kosmützky and Christiane Rittgerott

Ulrich Teichler, who turned 80 this July, looks back on more than five decades of higher education research. The economic miracle and university expansion, the student movement, experiments and crises of the 1970s, organisational breakdown, reunification, internationalisation, ranking and management cult – all these are historical stages that are reflected in higher education and science. Ulrich Teichler, directly involved, reports with openness and humour, presenting clever analyses.

Year of publication: 2022.

The Politics of Maps Cartographic Constructions of Israel/Palestine#

A publication by Christine Leuenberger and Izhak Schnell, member of the Human Mobility, Governance, Environment and Space section of Academia Europaea.

The land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan Valley has been one of the most disputed territories in history. Since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, Palestinians and Israelis have each sought claim to the national identity of the land through various martial, social and scientific tactics, but no method has offered as much legitimacy and national controversy as that of the map.

The Politics of Maps delves beneath the battlefield to unearth the cartographic strife behind the Israel/Palestine conflict. Blending science and technology studies, sociology, and geography with a host of archival material, in-depth interviews and ethnographies, this book explores how the geographical sciences came to be entangled with the politics, territorial claim-making, and nation-state building of Israel/Palestine.

Year of publication: 2020.

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