Cell and developmental biology#

The title of this section was modified from “Cell Biology” to include “Developmental Biology” which corresponds to the research area of a number of its members who work on the formation and maturation of a wide range of organisms. Their interests include the passage from pluripotency to more limited cell fate choices during embryogenesis, tissue specification and growth, organogenesis, organisation of the body plan, cell signalling and patterning . Experimental approaches to gain mechanistic insight include genetics and molecular genetics with manipulation of genes at the level of the whole organism, as well as whole organism imaging. Many of the experimental approaches and underlying questions are in the domain of cell biology, where molecular and genetic approaches, with sophisticated imaging, are used to understand basic cell functions and how different cell types manifest their diversity. The section encompasses stem cell biology and the role of stem cells in tissue regeneration.

The Cell and Developmental Biology section currently (December 2020) has 227 members including 12 Nobel prize winners.


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