Annex 3#

List of issues to be covered and indicative areas of expertise sought#

Considering the currently ongoing international and European policy responses and actions and the available scientific evidence and advice, the work to be delivered on the present topic will aim to provide multidisciplinary scientific advice for policy addressing the following question:

Principal question#

What policies at the EU level could support the Member States in achieving inclusive, fair and sustainable systems of health and social care and to promote the taking up of innovation for ageing societies?

Sub-questions under consideration include:

1. How can public health policy best organise efficient prevention, control and treatment of early and midlife risk factors, to ensure that people have good functional ability when they enter old age?

Experts needed in the fields of healthcare, medicine, epigenetics, public health, nutrition, social sciences, behavioural sciences;

2. Which public policies can facilitate the taking up of innovative technologies, software and communication tools by aged adults and healthcare institutions to meet the challenges and opportunities posed by an ageing society?

Experts needed in the fields of life sciences, blockchain technologies, data, community care (general practitioners), at home ageing, e-health, software, communication, marketing, economics, bio-engineering, sociology;

3. What measures (political, social, educational, legal etc.) are needed to enable the health care systems to face the challenges of the aging society?

Experts needed in the fields of medicine, European law, health law, political sciences, health economics, engineering, education, ethics, philosophy;

4. What is needed to build and sustain an appropriately skilled workforce in the upcoming decades for the optimum organisation of health systems and for the delivery of quality health and social care?

Experts needed in the fields of healthcare, employment, education, demography, health economy;

All experts#


A group of 16 to 20 experts is foreseen. The international Working Group will provide their input and be prepared to meet up to four times between July and December 2018, in person (preferred) or remotely. The experts may be further involved or consulted by the Chair in responding to comments from the Ex-pert Workshop and Peer-review process.

Annex 4#

Criteria for selection of members to the international Working Group#

A SAPEA-appointed Selection Committee will select the experts according to demonstrated excellence in one or more of the fields listed in Annex 3 and other criteria such as:
  • Interdisciplinarity; all the relevant disciplines should be included
  • Broad geographical coverage of Europe
  • Inclusion of experts from non-European countries, as appropriate
  • 20% female members as a minimum

Please note that nomination does not guarantee selection to any of the positions [Working Group, re-viewers, scientific writer]
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