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No. 01/2016, January 15, 2016#

Upcoming activities in 2016#

During 2016, the BKH is going to hold several activities, which will be announced in this newsletter in advance. Among them, two Weeks are going to mark the year, as it has been done in the BKH since 2013: In the first week of March we will commemorate the BKH’s Women’s Week 2016, and at the end of November we will have the BKH’s Disputatio Week 2016.

On March 3-4, we will join the activities of the International Women’s Day, observed by the United Nations since 1977. The BKH Women’s Week 2016 will consist of a Distinguished Lecture, devoted to Women and Migration, an Art Exhibition (drawings by Trini Sotos, and photographs by Teresa Gironès), a Concert, a Workshop, and a Visit to Hotel España, to see the famous legged mermaids painted by Ramon Casas (1866-1932).

The Goverment of Catalonia (GC) has declared 2016 the Llull’s Year, to commemorate#

the seventh centenary of the death of the lay philosopher, theologian and writer Raimundus Lullius (1232-1316). Ramon Llull, born in Majorca soon after the Catalan conquest of the island by James I (1229), is a prominent figure within European thought. However, the exact position he occupies within the cultural horizons of his period and the intellectual legacy he bequeaths to the present day are immersed in controversy. This situation derives, in part, from the multiplicity of his works, as manifested by an impressive variety of forms, styles and subject matters. Llull wrote more than 280 works, either in Catalan or Latin (as well as reputedly in Arabic and Upcoming activities in 2016 Ramon Llull’s Year Occitan). The Institute for Catalan Studies, jointly with the Elsa Peretti Foundation, has published an impresive book of more than 1000 pages on Ramon Llull’s Life and Works, Vol I, authored by Llull’s expert Pere Villalba i Verneda. The complete work will have three volumes. (Illustration: Logotype of the IEC-EPF Project, by M. Berlanga.)

Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Visit to the BSC as the final activity of the Disputatio Week 2015 (Dec. 11, 2015)#

The Department (Ministry) of Culture of the GC has established an Organising Committee of the Llull’s Year, under the presidence of Joan Santanach. One of the members of the Committee, Alexander Fidora, YAE, pronounced a lecture on “Ramon Llull, proto-European, and proto-founder of computational sciences”, on December 11, 2015, at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, as the final activity of the 2015 Disputatio Week. View video.

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