Data and mathematical modelling#

Sabina Leonelli MAE has published the following papers:

  • ‘Mobilizing the Translational History of Knowledge Flows: COVID-19 and the Politics of Knowledge at the Borders’. This paper, written in collaboration with John Krige, mobilizes a transnational approach to intervene in the unfolding history of the Covid-19 pandemic, advocating for nationally based, interdependent initiatives that push back against the fragmentation of national responses and, eventually, national protectionism. Read more.
  • ‘Data Science in Times of Pan(dem)ic’. This featured article explores the priorities for data science in tackling COVID-19, and the ways in which big data analysis can inform and support responses to the outbreak. Read more.
  • ‘Rejoinder: The Present and Future of Data Science in Society’. This paper looks at the use of data science to tackle the pandemic as well as on the future of data science and its role in society beyond the current crisis. Read more.

Guanrong Chen and others published a paper titled ‘Modelling the COVID-19 pandemic using an SEIHR model with human migration’. Transmission by asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic individuals has made it more difficult to control COVID-19 disease. This paper proposes a susceptible-exposed-infected-hospitalized-removed (SEIHR) with human migrations, where the ‘‘exposed’’ (asymptomatic) individuals are contagious. The model was validated using real historical data of COVID-19 cases from different regions. The authors investigated the impact of isolation of patients compared to border control and conclude that strict isolation of infected individuals can be more effective than closing borders in controlling disease spread. Read more.

Josep Domingo-Ferrer is one of a group of scientists making recommendations on personal data and privacy in the context of COVID-19 apps, in an article in Transactions on Data Privacy. Read more.

Robert Lew is working (in collaboration with Dr Wojciech Młocek) on a mathematical model to predict the course of COVID-19 in individual countries. The work has been submitted to a major journal (preprint on medRxiv) and there is a daily-updated online dashboard publicly available. Read more.

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