Public health, healthcare research and ethics#

In his essay for the Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, John Harris MAE considers the need for values and moral integrity in dealing with the pandemic. Read more.

Martin McKee’s MAE is a co-author on the paper titled ‘Lessons learnt from easing COVID-19 restrictions: an analysis of countries and regions in Asia Pacific and Europe’. This health policy paper published in The Lancet, examines approaches from nine high-income countries: five in the Asia Pacific region (Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea) and four in Europe (Germany, Norway, Spain, and the UK). The authors identified five prerequisites for easing COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions: knowledge of infection status, community engagement, adequate public health capacity, adequate health system capacity, and border controls. This comparative analysis presents important lessons learnt from the experiences of these countries and regions. Read more.

Martin McKee’s MAE has co-authored a paper entitled ‘Mitigating the wider health effects of covid-19 pandemic response.’ Read more.

Martin McKee’s MAE Website contains links to all his papers, interviews and other activities relating to COVID-19.

Balazs Sarkadi MAE, in collaboration with Tamás Ferenci, has published a paper in BMC Infectious Diseases titled “RBD-specific antibody responses after two doses of BBIBP-CorV (Sinopharm, Beijing CNBG) vaccine”. This Open Access paper looks at the effect of Sinopharm vaccination on antibody response. Read more.

Published in 2016, John Tasioulas MAE and Effy Vayena look at global health justice and its consequences for shaping health policy. Read more.

In his editorial ‘Will evidence-based medicine be another casualty of COVID-19?’ Roger Watson MAE MAE questions if the current interventions against COVID-19, namely wearing facemasks and full economic lockdowns, are based on convincing evidence. Read more.

In the editorial ‘Masking the evidence’: Perspectives of the COVID‐19 pandemic Graeme D. Smith, Fowie Ng and Roger Watson MAE MAE discuss the use of disposable surgical masks (DMS) and fabric masks during the pandemic and examine other issues surrounding the use of masks by the general public. This editorial was published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing. Read more.

Tarmo Soomere MAE, in collaboration with others, has published a statement on behalf of The Estonian Academy of Sciences titled ‘Responsibility, vaccination, ventilation: From Virus Prevention to Eradication’. The paper focuses on the need to behave responsibly, to vaccinate and to modernise ventilation systems. Read more.

In collaboration with Mark Hayter, Roger Watson MAE MAE published an editorial titled ‘The COVID-19 epidemic of manuscripts’ in the Journal of Advanced Nursing. They discuss the surge in publications that are of limited quality and contribute little to knowledge about COVID‐19 care. The authors advise the nursing community to reflect on the lessons learned during the pandemic and to design rigorous studies based on research priorities identified by governments and research funding bodies. Read more.

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